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LMLF Employment Application

Thank you for visiting our web page!We hope to inspire you with our offer to extend employment opportunities to enthusiastic individuals,who have good work ethics, and are committed to taking advantage of the ability, to work themselves into a permanent position with a professional firm!This is your chance to rise and shine and audition as never before!Most employees who have senior positions within good companies started out this same way,and were deemed a valuable asset to the firm in which they now maintain a stable position!Please contact us to apply at 770-681-0860.We look forward to your call! Ask Mrs. Johnnie Land, how you may obtain an employment application and schedule a brief Telephone Interview.Again thank you for your interest in allowing us to "Help you, Help yourself"!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lonnie Land President                                                                                                   Johnnie Land-Vice President                                                                                               Acct. Executive  

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